Subnet Qnode

A Governance Asset for iterating $QNC A Collateral Asset... for minting $USBT.

The Subnet Qnode is the First Algorithmic, Inter-chain and governance driven Defi token with an underlying x11 network via smart contract on SE-Chain and Avalanche C-Chain.

Token Info & Distrib.

Smart Contract (staava EVM Chain)

0xxxxxxx-(Coming Soon)-xxxxxxx

Smart Contract (Avalanche C-Chain)


Subnet Qnode

Token Name


Token Ticker




Token Nature

SE-Chain, AVAXC-Chain


C-Chain Circulation
0.01 XQN
Finality Supply
0.01 XQN


By QNC Block Rewards

#1. Asic Mining (35% Block Rewards)
#2. Masternoding on Qnode Blockchain
(55% Block Rewards)

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The Sidechain Asset was formerly on Binance Chain..
If you hold QND on BSC... You can swap soon 1:1
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Updating Soon...

Frequenetly Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Subnet Qnode is the First Algorithmic, Inter-chain and governance driven Defi token with an underlying x11 network via smart contract on SE-Chain and Avalanche C-Chain.​ Subnet Qnode combines the traditional Qnode Blockchain + Decentralize finance in one piece with chain rate of 0.3125 XQN/QNC on the algorithmic bridge

The Subnet Qnode Asset shall live to fulfil the following:
#. Arbitrage Iteration between QNC & itself.
#2. For yield-farming as explained below.
#3. XQN shall collateralize Ecosystem USBT of the Staava EVM Chain.

NOTE: Community members can mine or earn blocks on $QNC Blockchain, but they cannot mine $XQN except via liquidity pools, when they provide liquidity.

The Sidechain (Defi) contract shall only mint a maximum supply of 7,695,000 XQN protocol tokens according to algorithmic formula.

Algorithmic Bridge Formulae
#1. Inter-chain Defi Ratio (IDr):
1 XQN = 0.000013% of QNC Supply – ACN.
Where 0.000013% is Pam (Percent of Algorithmic Multiple)
Where ACN (Allowable Constant of Negligible Decimal) = 0.00112
Where QNC Supply is 24,624,000 QNC
Therefore, 1 XQN = 3.2 QNC

#2. Total Defi Supply (TDs) mintable in Smart Contract:
TDs = QNC Supply/IDr
Where IDr (Interchain Defi Ratio) in 1 XQN : 3.2 QNC
Therefore, TDs = 7,695,000 XQN

The Algorithmic Bridge layer reserves started with over  90% of finality Supply (6,925,500 XQN) in reserved and its being minted from the Smart contract. Any community members can mint or release XQN from the reserve when requirement is met.  10% fee is applied to any user who iterate QNC or XQN.

This funds goes into liquidity and dev-tools maintenance cost (like server fees) etc. As use iterate, the reserve holds in lock both asset.

On the Qnode blockchain, there are two layers of Use-case functions;
Masternodes and Miners. And base on governance, the Qnode block rewards is split between masternodes (55%), miners (35%) and treasury (10%).

The Subnet Qnode mining pool shall be deployed via the Inter-chain bridge, as it is backed with the Qnode blockchain and on it’s determined governance. At launch of the defi sidechain, Only a minimum amount of 5,000 QNC or 1562.5 XQN can be iterated (swapped) on the bridge for a to and fro transaction. Any swap below the minimum is disabled or lost if executed. All iteration carries 10% cost.

The Qnode Blockchain runs on two legs, Mining and Masternode. The Masternode feature, which is a PoSe (Proof of Service) functionality performs network security on the native blockchain and by extension incentivizes the Subnet Qnode supply via the bridge. These services includes privacy of transactions (PrivateSend), Instant transactions (InstantSend), the distribution governance, projectile voting and treasury system. This makes the Qnode network to grow stronger with masternodes.

Difficulty changes with each block and Governance heightens after each block halving on the blockchain at every 210,240 block count. Thus halving the block rewards sequentially.

At height 210241, on the Qnode Blockchain, the first block halving happens and block reward shall split by a divisor of two. Also, its Defi inter-chain equivalence shall reduce as follows:
INTER-CHAIN: 5,000 QNC <=> 1562.5 XQN (minimum per swap)
1ST HALVING: 2,500 QNC <=> 781.25 XQN (minimum per swap) from height 210241 blocks
2ND HALVING: 1,250 QNC <=> 468.75 XQN (minimum per swap) from height 420481 blocks
3RD HALVING: 625 QNC <=> 195.3125 XQN (minimum per swap) from height 630721 blocks
4TH HALVING: 312.5 QNC <=> 97.65625 XQN (minimum per swap) from height 840,961 blocks
Hence it will require an approximate 32 years to exhaust the Qnode Blockchain.

Liquidity Mining (LM), also known as Yield Farming, is a network participation strategy in which a user provides capital to a protocol in return for native token.
Liquidity Providers on our protocol, stands the chance of earning Subnet Qnode (XQN) tokens as they provide liquidity on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) such as Trader joe, etc

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